Tuesday, 16 May 2017

The Influence of Teenage Girls

From carrying out focus groups for part of another college project it’s become obvious that there’s a difference between how celebrity endorsement influences boys and girls. From what I’ve gathered it definitely influences girls more but I don’t think they actually notice it.

One of the biggest endorsements that teenage girls are inspired by is Ivy Park. And quote from an article states “If anyone can motivate young women to jump to their feet, it’s Beyoncé.” Although its meant to be an active wear line I see more people wearing it generally such as out shopping or to college. Although they probably don’t realise it but subconsciously it’s to associate themselves with Beyoncé. It’s hard to say that wearing her clothes will make you like her because realistically no one will ever come close to Queen B, but girls wear this type of clothes because of the sense of hoping to be like her. Also, the fact its sold in a high street store that most girls shop in day to day anyway further encourages them to buy it. The clothes aren’t really any more expensive than the rest of the shop so why associate with Topshop the brand when you can associate with Beyoncé? 

Someone else I’ve noticed who has quite a big impact on teenage girls (including myself) is Charlotte Crosby from Geordie Shore. I absolutely adore Charlotte and without sounding cringy, Id genuinely say she’s my role model and I look up to her. She’s such a normal girl who’s done so well for herself and gone through so much in the public eye such as her whole relationship with Gary (also from Geordie Shore) and her ectopic pregnancy. I think a lot of other girls also see her as a normal girl which is why they find her so relatable. Charlotte’s got a range of different endorsements including her own fitness DVDs called 3-minute belly Blitz and 3-minute bum blitz which I guiltily own due to it being made by Charlotte Crosby. She also endorses an online company called ‘In the Style’ which I only ever started shopping with because I saw her speaking about it. 

Other woman in the public eye that girls aspire to be include people like Kendall and Kylie Jenner. These are girls who’ve grown up in the public eye and are well known for their looks. Kylie has her own range of lip kits which has expanded with her collaborating with her sister Kim. These are something girls thrive to own. There’s a big hype to make sure people know if you have a Kylie Jenner lip kit. I think girls thrive to be like her especially because she’s the youngest sister, so she’s the closest to the age of teenage girls and she’s done so much for herself for such a young age. Girls aspire to be like her and live her life, so by owning a make-up product she uses gives them that inkling of being like Kylie Jenner. 

In my opinion, young girls are the most affected by celebrity endorsement due to the competition between young girls these days. You’re always thriving to be the best and have the best things and this comes from the fact these celebrities are encouraging them to have the best things by selling them themselves. It’s quite intoxicating but I don’t think young girls realise it, especially within the social media life they live in these days!

My next blog will unfortunately be my last in which I give my views and opinions of celebrity endorsement as a whole and whether or not its effective. This will look at the big picture of endorsement and how much we consume it on daily basis!

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