Thursday, 9 March 2017

The Best of Endoresment

Back again with everything you need to know about the best celebrity endorsements of all time! This will be a whistle stop tour of a couple of my favourite collaborations and campaigns that have worked with celebrity endorsement.

First up is an all-time classic that everyone loves, David Beckham and H&M. This was arguably so successful because, well, its David Beckham. Quite easy on the eye. However, this use of celebrity endorsement really did help H&M as it encouraged young men who look up to him (which is quite a lot of people really) to buy their products to be like him. Beckham has launched a number of different campaigns with the brand with his first one launching in February 2012. H&M launched the advert at the super bowl for Beckham’s Body wear collection. This was such a success he stuck with the brand further bringing out a ‘modern essentials’ collection last year, launching adverts with Kevin Hart, proving ‘all you need is the essentials’.
Have a look at this advert here: https: //

Beckham success for this campaign in my opinion stems from the fact he’s such a well-loved celebrity in the first place. He’s so focused upon in the public eye along with his famous wife, Victoria Beckham and their three boys and is known for doing charity work. As well as this, the clothes he’s promoting are affordable and in a normal high street shop, making consumers feel like he’s just a normal guy too to be wearing clothes from H&M. When looking for research on why it was so successful, a lot of the comments were purely that David Beckham was in his underwear. Easily pleased. 

Another of my favourite celebrity endorsements are the girls who have endorsed with MAC for limited edition products. These include Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj and Rihanna. These are all inspirational woman that young girls look up to, many of which have taken the opportunity to raise awareness of HIV/AIDS with all profits from Viva Glam going towards charities for this cause. I love this campaign purely because I’m a young girl who looks up to these celebrities. I loved it even more when I discovered where the money goes.
A quote I found from Rihanna about this campaign says - “I think it’s important that young people know there’s nothing wrong with having fun, nobody is telling us to be boring, but we have to be safe. We can’t think of HIV/Aids as being somebody else’s story. It could be any of ours.” This has been a successful campaign because when I hear the words viva glam I automatically think of MAC and the famous faces that go along with it. MAC Viva Glam have raised $380 million, with 100% of this going to towards a fight against HIV/AIDS. I love this endorsement because although they are using famous faces for the brand, it’s not specifically to gain profits for the brand but to raise money for charity.

So there are just a few insights into my favourite celebrity endorsements and why I think they are successful. On my next blog in two weeks’ time I’ll be writing about the worst celebrity endorsements and examples of companies who have dropped their celebrities, so make sure you keep an eye out for that!


  1. MAC work with lots of really credible celebrities - my favourite was the Charlotte Olympia collection - but I am never convinced on the more off the wall ones, like The Simpsons or the Disney ones. Who do you think the target audience is for those? Do people really want blue lipstick like Marge Simpson?

  2. My favourite was definitely Ariana Grande! I think the disney one was successful because girls still secretly dream of being a princess, and that collection was so pretty. I agree about The Simpsons, i think the target audience for those are more towards make up artists and beauty bloggers who like creating unique kind of looks!