Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Z List Celebrity Endorsements

Back again with my favourite topic out of all my blog posts! This is most likely because im a young girl who is still intoxicated with Z list celebrities. From Geordie Shore to Love Island, these are simply normal people who have appeared on a reality show and now rake in the cash for endorsing a product.

I actually really envy these people because realistically they have no talent to be famous but then at the same time that’s part of the reason I admire them because they technically are just normal people….. who may get more money than us now but hey, they were normal.

It’s quite weird because when I think of celebrity endorsement, this is more or less what I think of. Purely because this is where I see it most. Every day when I’m scrolling through social media I will see at least 3-5 posts of someone from a reality show posting some form of protein shake or teeth whitening kits. I’ve noticed recently as well its always something to change how you look, most likely to encourage young girls that if they use these products too they might just look like Olivia from ‘Love Island’.

Sitting here writing this, it’s actually quite bad. It’s even worse knowing that I’m actually as consumed into it as the next teenage girl is. These celebrities never make it clear whether or not they are being paid for the ads either. That’s probably what annoys me most, realistically is Marnie from Geordie Shore really posting her favourite meal of the day, posing with her porridge to enlighten our day? No its because she’s getting money for doing so. But I don’t see the hashtag ad or sponsor anywhere so suppose I’m none the wiser.

It’s also quite bad how they’re sometimes endorsing a company which isn’t reliable. I recently noticed Olivia from Love Island apologies to fans and telling them not to buy from a company she endorsed as girls were getting their money taken from them and not receiving any goods. Should there be a bit of protection to it to prevent these types of things happening? It’s a bit unfair that girls are looking up to these celebrities and following in their footsteps to be scammed out of money.

I find it a bit of an awkward one, because this is more or less how most of these celebrities still have money, however should they be endorsing the amount they are? Should there be a limit? And there is a great deal of people who look up to these celebrities and it really does work for them, it’s kind of made a whole new look on celebrity endorsement by using these types of celebrities and their social media pages to hit more of audience rather than a bigger celebrity with a TV advert.

I have such mixed views on this and the way it is done but technically this is how I see celebrity endorsement these days, its unavoidable on my social media of seeing these kind of people posting anything and everything. Is this how other teenagers view celebrity endorsement too?

My next blog will be about celebrity endorsement in sport, something I can’t say I know a lot about but excited to research it and see what it may be like for males as opposed to what I’m usually interested in.


  1. It's really interesting that when you think of celebrity endorsement, this is the kind of stuff that springs to mind for you - I see it totally differently, but then I am ancient! Do you think when people see #proteinworld or whatever they're wise to the fact that it's a sponsored post even if it's not specifically disclosed?

  2. i held my focus group with a group of teenagers not long ago and they said they're not that interested in stuff like that but it does depend what it is! Things like make up etc are more appealing compared to protein shakes.